Monday, September 22, 2008

No means no!

You will probably assume I am talking about Gwen or Nate, but I am not! A pesky "helpful" offer from a telemarketer. Yes we are on the do no call list, but that doesn't stop people like the credit cards and mortgage companies that we already have from calling us giving helpful offers, that will help us! Seriously guy, when I say no to the free offer I mean no. I do not want the 30day free trial, because I will forget to call back and cancel and then I will have to be charged and then I will be means no! And, if you can believe me I told him that. I guess he should not have called and woken me and Nate up from our naps! I have successfully gotten Nate to start taking some naps in his crib and today for the first time he took like a 2 hr nap, until that mean man called and woke him up! I had heard Nate moving around in his crib and he cried so I went to get him and by then he had fallen back to sleep, so I laid on the bed to read and must have also fallen asleep, it was a nice cat nap until that man called! Guess he should not have crossed a irritated new Mom!
In other less irritating news, Gwen still loves baby Nate and wants to hold him! Here are 2 more pictures of them together. And yes, I know Gwen is not wearing a shirt. Sometimes when it is hot she likes to take a nap without her shirt on and then not put it back on. At 2, I think this is a "battle" I will let her "win". Not that you can tell, she is wearing shorts and she will put a shirt on to go outside!

I hope you all had a nice weekend that wasn't spoiled by watching your team lose a football game!


Beth said...

I hear ya on the no means no - I mean really, how much clearer can you be - no!!!

Cute pics of the kids - oh please about the shirt - look at my pictures, they are without clothes in most of our "at home" picture!

Melanie said...

I kept meaning to comment on your post with the naked girls. I just haven't had the time!