Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lancaster part I

This last weekend, when Grandmom was here we went to Dutch Wonderland, its the kingdom for kids, if you didn't know! There are 33 rides at DW of which Gwen could ride 27, baby Nate was not as lucky, but as you can see by his pictures, he didn't really care! Gwen was really game for any ride, as long as Eric was with her, one time we tried to put her on a ride by herself and she was fine and then she realized Eric wasn't with her, Grandmom rescued her from that one. Here is the car she drove! The slide! If you have watched Jon & Kate +8 this is were they took their kids and Jon was complaining about this slide and taking each one of the kids down it, Eric had no complaints, but he only had 1 kid! (Nate was sleeping)
Nate and I also avoided this house, the house spins while you sit there!
Gwen and Grandmom in line for the train thing, you will see it in the following pictures.

Nate, waiting to see Gwen pass by, oh and it is first time sitting in the stroller, without the carseat!
The kids could push this thing around a track...
or you could sit back, take in the scenery and let Grandmom push you!
This is the ride she freaked out on...
Sorry about that guy's butt, we don't know him! This plane, she went on with Eric and then asked to go on it again, so I took her also!

Views from the monorail! We had a hard time getting Gwen off the monorail, she loved it so much!

Nate sleeping for the first time in the stroller!
Gwen's 2 favorite things were the train and the monorail, we didn't even do half the stuff that they have at the park. I really wanted to take her on the log plume, but didn't have the patience to wait in that line! She also loved the Turtle ride, it was like a "twirl-a-whirl". She wasn't happy when she was told she couldn't sit on our laps, but we made her and she ended up loving it, screaming (in a good way) when our turtle whirled around! I think it was a successful trip, and I hope that we can do it again one day and hit more rides!

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