Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We have our first milestone caught on video! Nate has rolled over and I got it on video. Not the first time he did it, but the second! I have no idea when babies are supposed to start rolling over, since I don't read those books anymore, I just know this is when the "fun" begins. I know that there are other milestones that Nate has hit, but the rolling over to me is one the ones I pay most of the attention to. It means I have to start paying more attention to where I put him, now he can roll off things! Now granted he has always gotten himself around when he is laying down. I am not quite sure how I can put him in his crib and even at a month he would be in a completely different spot on his crib, often 180 deg from where I put him! So enjoy Nate rolling over!

Oh and if you'd like to see the pre-rolling stage.

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