Monday, September 29, 2008

Nate's Baptism

This weekend we finally had Nathan Baptism! I know I am a slacker Mom, I have already taken him on trips and all. Here are some of my favorite from the ceremony. Thanks to Claudia & Jamie/Tim for taking the pictures! Some things you should know from the Baptism. Jess is awesome for driving up here with "Angieja", not that Jess complained about driving up here with her daughter, but I am just saying it was a 7hr drive and thanks! Also, Gwen and Nate both missed naps for this ceremony, so Gwen was punchy to be sure. Every time the priest came up to Nate, he just stared at him, like this!
Gwen and her friend! I love that she has Gwen by the neck!
"Angieja" as Gwen says it and Gwen. Gwen pretty much wouldn't leave Angela's side. And Angela seemed to enjoy hanging out with Gwen.
Look at how Nate is looking at Jess, so sweet!
The priest was so convinced that he had the greatest trick, jingling keys so the kids would look at the camera. Apparently it works well for Eric also!

I put this picture in only to freak people out, look at his head!
Just hanging out, waiting.

My sweet little man! Despite the dress, I think he still looks like a boy!
One should also note that our priest seems to be deathly afraid of tripping or someone falling and I did see him trip on the steps up the altar. He brought that up a lot!
After the ceremony some of us went to the park where we had snacks and cake and the men chased the kids! What a nice time for us ladies to chat and not have to chase the girls for once! I don't know that is the best picture of Nate, but really it is what he does, but Eric looks real nice! And look at that yummy cake! It must be good, it is all gone.

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