Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some old not posted pictures

I realized that I hadn't posted some pictures that we have of baby Nate's first days. Here is Eric, the first time he came over to the house. He came to visit us in the hospital, but he has a policy of only holding newborns when he is sitting and they are handed to him, and he was kicked out of the hospital before he could hold Nate. My cousins came to visit while my Mom was here, we had lunch and then everyone got there picture made with Nate. Here is the obligatory "cousins" picture.
Sam was a little nervous.
Gwen trying to show Sam it is ok!
JJ and Nate.
Pete and Nate, Sammy and Gwen. Gwen really took to Sammy and I think Sammy had more fun with Gwen then with Nate, he was maybe a week out.
Mom and the grandkiddos. This was the day before she left and she wanted a picture with both of them, but Gwen was uncooperative. Surprised, I am not.
Gwen holding Nate, she still hugs him the same way!
She used to wear the sling around and put babies in it. Too cute. Now she just wraps up her babies in towels.

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