Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Have I mentioned how much Gwen makes us laugh? It is so funny to be living with someone who is mastering the English language. Gwen told me the "we were going to the grocery store" I asked her what she needed she replied "chocolate". Seriously, a girl after my own heart! The conversations have really started now with Gwen, she actually makes sense and she is so sweet. Gwen talks non-stop and I am not sure that she will every stop, unless of course someone she does not know comes near. Gwen is still doing well Nate and often surprises us with how sweet and helpful she is. But, here is Gwen when I put her in the overalls she said pockets and put her hands in the top part.

You see she also uses that front area for storage of her phones, yes I said phones, you can't see the other phone that was on the floor. She does stuff like that all the time.
We started swim classes yesterday. I don't know how it is going to go yet. The class isn't the same without the teacher that I love. This teacher was younger and didn't have the fluid feel of the other class. I don't know how Gwen will respond, but I guess she is going to have to get used to having different types of teachers. We dropped Nate off with a friend's husband and he seemed to get along just fine, from all reports.
Gwen has started eating more foods, I don't know if it is a fluke, and it is not like she is eating everything and anything, but we are making progress and I am happy with that.

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Beth said...

That is hilarious!! Brooklyn has recently discovered pockets as well and she looks for them everytime we put a pair of pants on her!!!