Monday, July 27, 2009

4th of July

Yes, I know it is about 3 weeks after the 4th, but you know, I've had other pictures I would like you to see more. So, here are the pictures. We decided not to do much, mostly because with the kids we had had several late nights in a row and we thought it would be best for them to not have much craziness going on, especially since we didn't actually know the area and what to expect of the stuff that goes on in the parks and whatnot. So, what did we do?
Well, we put together my dresser, Eric and his little helper (who refused to co-operate but I am still posting the pictures).

We ate in doors with food that I thought was "all-american" and finished off with blue cookies that had "all-american" themed sparkles!
Here's what Nate thought!
Then, I ran outside to watch some fireworks and we could see some over the tree tops and I think if we would have walked down the street farther we could have had views of more fireworks, but the kids were sleeping inside, and I felt weird about that. All and all a good day, but not really feeling like a holiday.

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