Thursday, July 02, 2009

We've arrived

Of course, that was several days ago. I should be unpacking, I should take pictures, I have done none of those things. Actually I have been unpacking, I just haven't taken any pictures. The kids are doing surprisingly well. Nate has been attacked by mosquitoes. It is pretty terrible. I have counted 10 bites on him. Bless his heart, and several of them seem to itch, he has scratched some of them and he has 1 right on his check that is infected and hard and just looks terrible! I went out and bought bug spray today. Nate has been fussy, every time I turn my back to him to grab something he starts to scream. :( I don't know if he is bothered by the bites, made because Eric and I had to leave him in the jumper while he may or may not have been attacked by mosquitoes or because until last night there was no room for him to wander around the house. And, if you know Nate you know he needs to move! Gwen is a little whiny, but she is suffering from a definite lack of sleep, so that is to be expected. She is not quite sure what she wants to do, but she never wants to sleep! (I am working on this blog while seeing if she is going to nap!)
So, how is the house, you ask? Well, first of all it was nasty. I mean seriously nasty, floor gross, cob webs, and rice everywhere in the kitchen. I guess I am just not used to moving into a house someone lived in before. I don't remember our last house being like that. Of course, that was a while ago and that place hadn't been lived in for a while. We left some of our stuff back in MD, which is a slight problem, because some of that stuff is stuff I could use, you know, like pillows and tennis shoes (seriously, I have all my shoes here, except my tennis shoes!), and assorted other things. We can not walk into the garage and I have no idea how I am going to arrange the kitchen or really anything else in this house. But, we have a long time to figure that out.
I do have to say the people here are incredibly nice. I think the lady that lives across the street from us (almost) is going to be a new friend...she has 3-5 kids (I am not quite sure how many, she didn't introduce me to any but the last 2) Her 2 youngest are the same age as Nate and Gwen, her 3 year old is 6 days younger than Gwen, I think her youngest is a couple months older than Nate, but I can't be sure, because I met another neighbor at the same time and I think the three kids are all Mar-June or maybe May-June. But, she said she would love to show us around to the parks and whatnot, (since I asked if there was a park close by) and she told me about a pool we could join for the summer that is a good deal cheaper than our neighborhood pool, maybe next year. We are in a cul-de-sac and it seems that there are 4 of us moving in, so hopefully we will have some good luck with the neighbor situation. I am encouraged that I might have already found someone to play with Gwen. YAY!

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