Sunday, July 19, 2009

So, how was your weekend?

Mine was busy and you know crazy. As I mentioned in the last post it started out with cleaning the bathroom, Gwen was helping me as you can see, I forget why she was wearing her towel, but sometimes she wears it when she is cold. I think she told me she was Mary (as in Blessed Virgin Mary, she has a little statue) or a princess, who knows.

Of course, Gwen helping me was not the point of this post, I just thought I should include her. This weekend, since we were home, we worked on the house, you know livable. We started Friday night rearranging the stuff in the garage so we could get to the stuff we needed to put in the attic. The next morning Eric got more plywood and the fun began again, we got more stuff in the attic, but really we need to get way more in there! I hope we can.
Then Eric started working on converting the closet from this:
He had some help as you can see...
Nate is turning into a Daddy's boy, really prefers him, sometimes, grrr! Isn't he the sweetest looking little helper.
Proof Daddy is in there!
Nate thought it was an effective way to use these tools, bang them together.
Maybe we should bang this on this other thing.
This is fun Mommy!
And look, a linen closet YAY!!!
We continued our day by making a living room out of our well, living room. Of course our living room was a box haven, so it is a grand improvement. We ended up the day by hanging up the TV, which we couldn't actually do because well, we needed more parts, so we finished that this morning. So now I can watch TV and do posts and walk through my living and have linens in a if the rest of the boxes in the garage and scattered throughout the house would disappear, and things could be organized in a way that makes sense, things would just be grand around here. We have decided to go with ghetto fabulous decorating style. (cram stuff wherever it will fit!)

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Amy said...

Haha! The blessed virgin Mary cleaning the toilet....Too funny! I can't believe how big Nate is! :o)