Thursday, July 23, 2009

The cleanup; the packup

We thought we could get everything in one truck, well let's say I thought we could get everything in one truck...that wasn't possible. So we had to go back to MD to pick up the rest of our stuff. I thought we were going to go back the weekend following our move, 4th of July weekend, but we ended up going back the weekend after. Since this is what I prepared for, I had not brought enough clothes and stuff for more than a week, so by then I was pretty tired of the 4-5 outfits I had for myself and the kids.
So back we went the following weekend and packed up the remaining things and cleaned the house and whatever else needed to be done. Thankfully a good friend came over and watched Gwen in the morning so I could pack and then came back. In the afternoon, Eric and Brooke came over to help. Saturday we got almost everything packed up and then Sunday we cleaned and packed up the rest of the house. Eric came back over to help on Sunday. As you can see I had a little helper.
He sweeps he dusts, he provides musical interludes, what else could you ask for?

He loves banging things (and if you are reading this and think drums would be a good idea, they would NOT!!! This place is too small!)
We also had a helper when moving stuff out...
who may or may not be a little too dramatic about helping.

We made it out, only 2 hours after I wanted to be out. Sadly there was a LOT of traffic for about 10 miles that we sat in for 1 hour. Just a lot of traffic on 95, so we stopped off at Bass Pro Shops we stopped walked around and had dinner. I seriously considered driving the truck back so I did not have to be in the car with Gwen anymore, but I suffered threw it...and we made it! (obviously!) We did have fun at some point on our trip. I have many friends that travel with their kids and they get all geared up to go, sadly, since I had the big move and I was trekking with the kids alone, I was unable to plan big things. I could hand food back, but Gwen had to pass the food back to Nate (which she did). I have no DVD player or any other such device, but that didn't stop us from talking and singing. As a matter of fact the favorite part of our trip was the "sing along". Gwen would tell us songs and then tell me to wait to so she could turn it up and then we would sing the requested song very loud (because that is what she requested!) When we got back I ran into our nice neighbor who offered her husband to help us. He came over the night after we got home and he and Eric moved the remaining stuff into our house! YAY! I will be moving stuff around and hopefully sometime in the next six months I will have this place livable. (My Mom will be here in Oct, so whatever I can't accomplish I know she will help me finish and organize, she LOVES doing it and I will enjoy not having to think about it anymore!)

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