Friday, July 17, 2009

My day so far, update

So, the day ended pretty well. I was not a frazzled mess when Eric got home, both kids had decided to nap and although I have been trying not to let nap for very long, she napped longer than I expected. I opened her door at around 4:30 hoping she would hear me banging around in the kitchen making dinner, but she did not wake up, instead Nate woke up and then I had to force him to go in there and wake her up (I think she wakes up much happier if he does it, even when he head butts her, which is how he gives her kisses, so cute!) So we decided to go for a walk after dinner. And we decided to let Gwen walk and at one point I let Nate walk, he was so HAPPY! He just wandered, he followed and carried a leaf, the point was to tire them out and tire them out we did, we walked about 2 miles! Gwen had to be carried for a while, and then she ran most of the way home.
Today we started out the day going to the mall and meeting some local Moms at a Moms group, we walked and then let the kids play at the play area. Then we came home for Nate's nap and I cleaned the other bathroom, with Gwen's help. Then we played with this...Gwen received it for her birthday on Sat, and we have played with it everyday since then. After nap and lunch we played outside with this...Nate's birthday present (these pictures aren't from today but at least you can see what fun we have playing with it.) Then it started to thunder and Gwen, not so fond of thunder, so we came inside, just before it started to sprinkle. Much quieter much more Mommy and kid just being time. Since this first outing with the water/sand table we have started wearing our swim suits during water table time, Nate's clothes were soaked, he loves to splash...Gwen not caring as much about the splashing, but does on occasion like to pour water on her belly. She also likes to water the grass. (today I added sand also, I think Nate got in a handful or 2 before I noticed, he had his back to me.)

I would finish commenting on these pictures, but there is a thunderstorm outside and Gwen has now come into our room shaking and scared. And since it is late and we should already be in bed, guess it is time to pack it up!

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