Wednesday, July 15, 2009


After harrowing days of staring at a blank screen (and stealing internet from unsuspecting neighbors) we are finally connected to the internet. It was very frustrating and since we were unpacking another truck last night we were unable to spend the quality time needed to figure out what was going on. What does this mean for you? It means that the backlog of pictures and random posts will start appearing again, hopefully on a more regular basis.
The house is a wreck, still trying to figure out how 48ft of truck is going to fit into a 1400 sq foot house. I have some ideas and now that we have the ladder we will be able to store stuff in our attic. YAY! I will also be turning this:
into a linen closet. I really need the storage and I don't think a coat closet on the "other side" of the house is a very good idea, this closet is right outside the second bathroom, and if you saw how many linens I have you would know it is a necessity! I went and got the needed supplies for the coat closet conversion, so I am super excited to get working on that....I would totally start tomorrow, you know, if I could do it by myself without the kids around interferring, so I guess it will sadly have to wait until this weekend when Eric can work on it. :(
Also, random picture of the kids in the kitchen. This picture was taken 2 weeks ago, right after we moved into the house. These boxes are since gone. I am standing in the dining room/family room taking this picture. The kitchen faces the backyard there, so I could keep an eye on the kids if they were older. The farthest away door is my pantry! WOHOO! a pantry, I've never had one of those and it is huge, now if I could just figure out how to rearrange it! The closer set of doors is the washer/dryer.
Standing where I am, to the left is the door to outside to the right is the aforementioned coat closet, bathroom and Nate's room is on the other side of the pantry and laundry. We are eventually planning on putting them in the same room, I am hoping soon! So I can organize the third bedroom into a guest room/storage for my scrapbooking and sewing and other assorted hobbies. We are waiting for Nate to start sleeping through the night to make the change.
All for now. I hope you can get a better idea of our new arrangement, those of you who have been to our old house, know what a change this kitchen is from the last one!


Jamie said...

wow, Melanie, that looks weirdly like my kitchen, not exactly alike, but very similar...Glad to see you made it back safely, and are getting settled in. Miss you!

Swistle said...

Great kitchen! Yay for a pantry!