Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spaghetti Dogs

I need to run some of the pictures that I haven't run what with the packing and the moving and the unpacking. So, while Eric watches a movie, I will sit on the couch with his and do some posts, which I won't all post today, just so you have to come back and check.
A couple weeks ago, likely a month ago, now, I read this post, that sent me to a blog, that I now read regularly, I got hooked when I saw this. I talked to Eric about it and he wanted to be around for the "fun" so we did it on a weekend. So, Gwen and I one Saturday for lunch we decided to make spaghetti dogs...
Here is Gwen showing you her technique.

She would only stuff the hot dogs with one thing of spaghetti per hot dog, I upped that for her and made it more in the center.
But then she finally got the hang of it.
Here are the pre-cooked version. We cooked them until the noodles are al dente.
Here are the finished product.
They weren't actually all that bad, to eat. Gwen pulled the spaghetti out, as best she could, when Nate gets older, I think we will likely make them again.


Kara said...

I love this idea! I am stealing it!

Amy said...

Ha! I love it! :o) I wish I could have been there to see Brian's expression when they showed them to him. :o)