Friday, July 24, 2009


I wanted to do a post about how Nate has grown in the last month, for his 13th month, you know a couple weeks ago, when he was 13 months, but we are past that now, but better later than never, right! So, how has the little man changed? I would say there must have been a lot I forgot to report last month, which is always possible, since it seems like every time I hit publish on one of these milestone things I think Crap! I meant to say this.
I guess on to the important stuff, milestones. Nate, TROUBLE! Oh, he has a sweet smile, a twinkle in his eye, as he climbs or hits or doesn't listen to what you are saying. And he knows what you are saying, even though he won't always admit it. But, little does he know, I have dealt with this before, his sister was much worse!
He has the cutest, sweetest little voice. And he is a very good mimic, I could swear he already says "Thank you" and now sings along with us he especially loves to sing "old mcdonald" because he can do the "e-i-e-i-o", he loves that part. I know he can't communicate on a grand scale, but it doesn't seem to bother him, he gets his point across and as of yet doesn't get irritated when you don't get what he means. BUT, take away something he wants, that is a whole different story, involving anger and irritation!
The little man, if he wants something, he just puts out his hand like that or he just opens his mouth and you better watch out, he will bite you, as Gwen found out one day, when she tried to feed him. Why she didn't hand him whatever he wanted, I don't know, but he just bit her hand. (not on purpose, I am sure!)
We call him "bubba" and a "bruiser" because he just doesn't care. He will bang anything on anything and like to hear how it sounds. He will walk over anything and walk through anything and sometimes looks where he is going, but oftentimes does not. We laugh because he is so funny about moving and his chubby little legs are so cute to watch walking over stuff.
These pictures show his laziness (and why Gwen probably got bitten) if you hand him food he won't take it from you, he just tries to eat it, without using his hands! Nut case, but funny!
He loves diary at this point, but is not really into eating anything else. He tries stuff, but if he sees cheese he will come after you and eat it. He also loves grapes. And deserts, he seems to like anything desert wise. I am hoping he will start eating a variety of food again, but I suspect it will be a while! :(
One of his current past times is putting things in something else, taking them in and out. He will sit there for quite some time seeing if things will fit, where they will fit and sadly, he loves to put stuff in the bathtub. I forgot this obsession when Eric wasn't around to give baths, I had put his clothes in the bath room and then couldn't find them, when we started the bath, I found them! He doesn't seem to have his sister's OCD obsession of having close doors behind me.
I don't really remember where I was going with this post, since I started it several days ago, but suffice it to say, Nate is a cute and sweet little guy at an age that I really enjoy. He is so cheery and happy and generally fun to be around. You should see how he charms people. People stop and try to get him to smile, and he usually obliges with those blue eyes and chubby cheeks (and the cute sister) he is a charmer.
Of course, we probably wouldn't appreciate who he is or what he is like if we didn't have a child who is going through the terrible 3s! In 1-2 years these posts will probably be different.

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