Thursday, July 16, 2009

My day so far, in bullets

  • 7ish-Eric's alarm goes off, thankfully with a new tone...
  • Nate crying, Eric checks, back to sleep, so I think I am in the clear to catch another couple minutes of sleep.
  • Eric starts breakfast, Gwen and Nate now awake, my day officially starts.
  • finish up breakfast, get kids dressed
  • Nate is super cranky, we are making him sleep through the night, he is used to not hearing any noises at night, but it this house, that will never happen, so he has to also get used to noises when he is sleeping!
  • 9:03 head to TrueValue, sale on ant spray and we have ants in the dining room!
  • 9:20 head to insurance agency, drive around, realize you must have copied down the address wrong and luckily find the name on directory as you are driving out of the huge shopping complex
  • walk around building, realize numbering system makes no sense.
  • pick up form that so Eric & I can get NC drivers license.
  • stop to look at fountain with kids
  • 10:00 bring Nate & Gwen home, put Nate down for a nap.
  • while Nate is napping, clean bathroom, do a little garage organizing (wohoo, put some stuff in attic!)
  • pay attention to Gwen
  • 12 start lunch
  • Nate wakes up, feed everyone lunch
  • Gwen gets whiny, refuses to eat more lunch, I tell her no snacks today
  • decide it would be good idea to just bite the bullet and get drivers license today (the place is right next to Kroger, also have to go grocery shopping and get gas, all in same place, win-win-win!)
  • 12:45-have all paperwork together, realize might get picture made today, maybe put on makeup
  • 1:00 get in car and drive to shopping center
  • 1:05 arrive at shopping center-relinquish paper realize there is a no food or drink policy and they frown on Nate's water sippy cup.
  • 1:10-realize kids are everywhere, terrible mother! And have to know what 12 road signs mean 3 of which have no words or symbols...crap! It certainly didn't say that when I looked up the drivers license stuff last night
  • 1:12 realize I have to take written test, and they usually don't allow kids back there, but if I can do it with the kids and have them be quiet I can do it (HAHAHAHA!!!!) I ask are you open on Sat? NO?
  • 1:13-can only miss 6 questions, Nate-wants to walk around, sit, stand, hold him, chase him, but somehow take the test and pass!
  • Go sit down in waiting area-breathe!
  • 1:30-realize kids are out of control and I have nothing to calm them down with, but seriously frazzled and at the end of my rope, get called back by woman who strangely doesn't talk above a whisper to complete the last steps before I sit to wait and get my picture made!
  • 1:38 get called to get picture made, find out can get picture made holding Nate! WOHOO!
  • 1:40 receive new license and walk to Kroger to do some shopping (even though you know it is a bad idea!) even though you still haven't had time to plan out meals or anything, just go with the flow these days
  • Wild type salmon, still on sale $2.99lb pick up 3 more lbs! Now have 4.5 lbs of salmon in freezer!!! Profess your love for Kroger and all its good deals (farm raised salmon $2/lb cheaper than MD, wild type-currently $7lb cheaper!) Dude that's cheaper than meat!
  • See wine aisle, venture down, pick up a bottle, see another bottle cheaper, oh what the hell, pick up both, you deserve them!
  • Decide to self checkout-no lines!
  • 2:20 leaving Kroger decide to get gas
  • gas $.1/gal cheaper b/c of grocery store purchases-score!
  • wonder why gas pump keeps turning off, you are at 1/4 tank!?
  • stand outside and hold the gas handle realize if you pull up too far shuts off.
  • 2:45 get home cuss out father of your children in your head as the 1 yr old runs to the sewer cover instead of the house and the 3 yr old tries to police him-which in your head you see as ending terribly. (1yr old has learned that if you walk on sewer thingy it makes fun noises, but could totally miss a step fall off hit the street and possibly fall down into sewer, no kind of protection there against that.)
  • Try to get both kids and groceries into your house without losing your cool, lose your cool when Nate runs off again when you can't get your keys out and don't want to put groceries on the sidewalk because of the ants...
  • get door open, yell at Gwen to get back in the house and catch Nate before he rounds the corner!
  • put Nate down for a nap, and mentally decide what you can make for dinner based on the random stuff you got from the grocery store
  • put Gwen down for quiet time
  • wonder if you should open one of the bottles of wine and have a drink?
  • lay down in bed with computer and type this post, while IMing with a friend from college!
  • realize that probably should do less tomorrow! Maybe like not leave the house...


Lesley said...

Too funny! What a busy day! You're a brave lady to do all that!
(Whenever I get back with groceries, I leave the children buckled in the car - I unload the groceries, then I unload the baby, and then finally I get the other two out - that way I'm free to chase after them when they make a run for it!)

Beth said...

That is fabulous!!!!! I hope you get a break today (hahahaha - like that will happen)!

Aunt Roxann said...

This made me laugh!! You have your dad's sense-of-humor!!

Melanie said...

aunt Roxann! HI! Thanks for the comment.
I did get a break, Beth.
And Lesley, if we weren't like a mile from the store and it being super hot here I would consider leaving them in the car, but it doesn't cool down much and I only had 2 bags, so I thought I could do it all...I was wrong!