Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How's it going?

How are you? We are alive, living, and much better arranged, all good news, yes? If you would have talked to me last week you might not have had such a pretty picture. But, we worked hard this weekend, and the boxes that were in my living space are now gone. The kids are, well, still my kids and still living in the house with us. As Eric told Gwen at one point in the last couple of weeks, you are lucky we moved away from W. VA, because now we can't just drop you off with the gypsies (something he's been telling her every time she is a little crazed and driving us crazy!) The nap situation around here is changing....
look at my sweet girl, she fell asleep while reading her book. Nate on the other hand, has decided to not take his afternoon nap. I have decided after a week or so of not taking that nap it is time to change his schedule, his schedule is very constraining, shall we say. He goes down at 10, so there is no time to really do anything in the morning. Then try to get him back down at 2-3, fit in lunch when he wakes up around 12ish, so that doesn't give us much time, either. So we are trying to start pushing back nap time. So far, not all that far back, 11am, but it did give us more time to play at the park this morning, which I know they both enjoyed.
Gwen is, have I mentioned she is 3! I know I used to talk about 2! this way, so maybe I should start saying !3!! to get my point across. Whole CRAP! (sorry Mom) but man does she make me want to a) drink or b)go back to work. Neither of which are things that can remedy the immediate problem, the whining, the ability for the mood to go from happy to bat crazy in 0.00001 sec. She is turning out to be a good kid, makes me proud, some of the time, and makes me bat crazy, the rest of the time. At least now when she runs in someone's way she says excuse me, instead of disregarding them altogether...a positive step in the right direction, yes? She's cute, she's funny and she I think has grown taller, she now comes up to my hip, almost my waist.
Nate! I know I just posted about him, in his own separate post, but I found these pictures, ok this one I found (edited out his junk, since i feel a little weird about posting that, since he's not a newborn) I think the unedited version might come in handy when we want to threaten to embarrass him in the future, but I have a feeling, he won't really care, but just look at that face! I was actually trying to get a picture of him applying lotion, he is getting really good at that. It is hilarious to watch. (The lotion applying explains why he glistens). There is just something about the way he holds himself that cracks me up, he sticks out his belly as if to say, look at that budda belly...
Do you remember how I described the I want what you've got face? Here it is:
This picture was taken today, by Eric. I have realized that Nate is definitely my boy, he might not look a thing like me, but I handed him a piece of cheese and he threw down the rest of his food and grabbed it up...my boy, makes me proud!

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