Monday, October 12, 2009


More pictures from Friday. Here is Nate enjoying our dirt pile. We have a lot of dirt from our tree/patio project. Have I mentioned the Nate-man loves to play in the dirt. Dirt, can you believe it, DIRT!
What's that over there?
Hey, what's going on over in your dirt pile?
See, look at my dirt, do you want to eat it?
Look, its pretty in my hair.

Stones, in with our dirt? Interesting...
Mommy this is so much fun!
Wonder what's in here, this has blocked by the table; and I haven't been able to get in here.

Since Nate ate some portion of the dirt on Friday, then had a fever on Saturday, related? We have no idea, but he didn't really have any other symptoms and he hasn't shown any more illness or anything, so who knows. I am going to just not let him outside anymore if he is going to eat the dirt!

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