Thursday, October 08, 2009


When I thought about posting today, I had a lot to say, but then I was making dinner and this scene I noticed, well actually this wasn't the scene I noticed, as I have mentioned previously, this is a small house so I can usually keep a pretty good eye on the kids, but there are some places I can't see when I am standing by the oven. The end of the dining room table. I checked on Nate and he was sitting at the table with Gwen's water glass, pouring the water onto the chair and splashing in it...I thought I was being smart and moved the cup further up the table, this is what I found when I checked on him again.
He looks guilty in that above picture, but I assure you he felt no guilt, he was enjoying himself, I just missed his big happy smile!

Yep, that's my boy...mischievous, quick thinking and well, loves to splash water! My MIL called him the "tornado", my Mother, just sighed and said things like "does he ever stop moving?", not even the type of moving kids do when they get tired, you know keeping themselves awake. I think I would have been better equipped to be Nate's Mother, 6 years ago, and 40lbs lighter...but maybe chasing after him will keep me young and help take off my extra baby weight. Needless to say, Gwen got a new, fresh glass of water with dinner, I don't want her drinking dry erase board water.
He has really started talking, repeating what we say, most recently I trained him to say "Bubba" and poop (not as helpful as I was hoping for, he now says poop while I am changing him, I was hoping he would let me know after he pooped, so I could change him immediately!) Now he also says, "downtown" and really whatever Gwen teaches him. He doesn't really walk any more, he just runs. He runs head first. He's my cuddler though, he pats us on the back and gives us hugs and kisses and is starting to get mad if anyone leaves the room. He certainly has a temper.
Gwen is well, Gwen. I am still trying to get a read on her, things I have determined, I will not be able to home school her. I get entirely too frustrated. She hasn't decided if she is going to be a lefty or a righty uses them both interchangeably and sometimes at the same time. This makes it difficult to teach her to write and work on the fine motor skills. I don't want to push her into one hand or the other and since I have no early education background I don't know what to do. I think she should be deciding the hand thing, I read somewhere between 2 & 3 years old. I could also be over reacting, as I am likely to do, but I am a fish out of water here and don't really know what to do. I think she might be a lefty, I found some experiments activities that I found to help determine what hand she is supposed to be. I found when I was sitting on her left side she was 100% lefty, but now that I changed sides and have put everything on her right (because we live in a right handed world!) she now uses both. I am sure it is no big deal, but when you stay at home and don't have friends locally you OBSESS about the little things! Seriously need to find some friends!
In Church news, I had just decided to join the 5 min away or less Church, they seemed to have some good things I could get Gwen involved in right away, but I just wasn't motivated. The weekend I had decided to join we had a LONG night and I slept in and went to the other Church, which is slightly farther away (are you following?) and the Pastor talked about FOOTBALL, quoted Vince Lombardi, no less! (Hi Grandpa!!!) If you have been a long time reader or know my family, you might know my people are from WI, and my Grandpa loves the Pack (sorry about the game Monday, Grandpa!). Anyhoo, I am undecided what to do. I like the new Church, the time, not so bad, but the service tends to be a little long winded which is hard on the 3 year old. She does well, but the music is better, the fact that the Church feels brighter and therefore a little more welcoming helps. (until they decided in this diocese to FREAK out about the swine flu and not let us greet each other or do the sign of peace, seriously, we're a CHURCH) I don't really have to make an immediate decision, but I feel like some of the activities of the new Church are ones that we would enjoy as a family especially as the kids grow. Sadly, since I have already committed to the Mon Music class, I can't attend the Mon playgroup and meet some other Church going Moms. Oh yeah and Nate sleeps through the playgroup, would likely be another problem!
Anyhoo, off to bed, I started this post many hours ago, as the post time notes, but I have had other things to do that have gotten me distracted and unable to finish. Sorry if it is a little rambly, I haven't posted in quite some time!

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