Saturday, October 24, 2009


We've had more transitions around here, I don't know if I've mentioned it here. Gwen is not napping any more. Nate is down to one nap, Gwen is down to times! I think they both probably miss the naps they are skipping, but with Nate, I am tired of being stuck in the house all the time. We have short bursts of times where we can get out, but it is a real pain trying to meet people and do stuff. So, I have been trying to figure out a new schedule for us. We used to have a nice schedule in the sense that I had some quiet time with Gwen and some with Nate. Gwen and I would do some preschool and watch Sesame Street together. I also enjoyed some time to myself, no kids no screaming, but I had time to do my own thing and do some work around the house. Now we just have some cranky kids and I have nothing! I am still trying to institute QT for Gwen, I definitely need the break from her, or I get frustrated quickly. And she has been so whiny, and cries at the drop of a hat (about things that don't usually make her so cranky). But we will work it out. In the mean time, I have been working on things for us to do. I want to start doing more crafty things than we already do, the stuff we do is not so crafty, but I think she would like the crafts. So, I found this in one of my magazines and thought I would try it with her...all the crafts I have come up with involve that crazy? I didn't any pictures of the beginning steps, but this is about halfway through...
This craft involves pretzels, marshmallow creme, powdered sugar and 8 mini chocolate chips! I figured what's not to love? (Eric thought it was too sweet!) I had mixed and kneaded the marshmallow creme and powdered sugar and then we were rolling it into balls and rolling out the discs. Then we put the balls on the pretzels, to help them stand up and stabilize.
Then we made the discs super thin and gently laid them over the pretzels and gently pressed in the eyes...
Spooky? I thought they were cute, but they were a lot of work, and were sweet...the kids and I didn't have any problems eating them though. I don't think I will be doing it again. Nate, unsure.
Gwen, no questions, just dug in (she did take out the eyes to eat first, though)
Nate trying it out.
I mean, the kid just dug in!
Nate pulled the thing apart ate the pretzel and just stared at it the rest of it, we thought he was done, and then he took another handful and keep eating. Not sure if he really was convinced he liked it, or was just watching his sister and copying.

What do you think, do these kids have the same parents?
I am going to go ahead and say we had a fun Saturday. We are finding things to do on the cheap and found that B&N had a coupon for a free hot chocolate and kids cookie, so we printed up 4 copies and went to B&N and arrived just in time for story time! We did some shopping and everyone took a nap, well not me, of course. But everyone else. I have been diligently working on completing Gwen's 1 year scrapbook, I know, a little embarrassing, since she's 3, but I am in the final stretch. I have 1 page I need pictures for, I have been vacillating on that last page, it is the "companion" page to the family tree page and I think I have decided to put in pictures of the people featured in the family tree, even if they are deceased. I have decided that the living "ancestors" are featured heavily in the book already, it might be nice to have some pictures of the ones that are deceased in there so Gwen can have them right in her book (I will do the same for Nate, maybe even the same layout!). This means I am going to have to track down grandparent and great grandparent pictures (you are warned, Mom!) and all the rest of the pages are laid out. I finished up the drafts of the journaling, so now I just have to write it all in the book and I will be done and on to Nate's 1st year! Exciting! Thank goodness I have this blog to let me know what the heck was going on in the 1st year, or I would be lost!!!!!

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Awesome!!! I LOVE it! :o) I might have to try that one of these days. :o)