Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween cookies

I had a conundrum recently. Well, I don't know if it was a conundrum, but I recently went looking through my cookie cutters, and found that I have no Halloween cookie cutters, this might not seem like a terrible conundrum, more likely a predicament, which I guess it is. See, I have about 70 cookie cutters (I am not even kidding, I probably have more, see i have the whole alphabet and Easter and 2 no, 3 sets Christmas), but I had no Halloween, fall yes, but I didn't want to do football helmets. So, when I saw 4 Halloween cookie cutters for $1; I snatched them up. Gwen and I made the dough together, no pictures of that, but here I have pictures of her "helping" out with the cutting out...
ok, so I didn't actually get any pictures of her cutting out the dough, only of her playing with the flour. This recipe suggested that we put flour on the cookie sheets and then roll out the dough, so that's what we did. I asked Gwen to help me put the flour on the cookie sheet and she must have put a 1/2 cup and then she spilled it everywhere!
(I am still cleaning up flour, its been a week). Then I found her with her hands in the flour canister.
I don't know if you can see that she has flour all over her.
Then over last weekend we (well, while Nate was napping) decorated the cookies.
I think next year she is going to be really helpful. I think she might have done 5 cookies total, but it is hard to tell, because I think she might have eaten some of them. (in this photo, she is licking the sprinkles not snorting sprinkles!)
See, she just poured the sprinkles or the top and you can see that cookie where she poured the icing on the top also.
But she had fun, and I guess that is all that matters!

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