Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More backyard fun! (revised)

Here are some more pictures from Friday. Nate likes to push around the mower, it is one of his favorite pass times outside.

The kids enjoying my rock "wall". Here is Nate, he actually likes to eat look at stuff on the other side of the wall. Gwen realizing Nate was getting photo time, decided to join him.
Look, they are both looking at the camera!
Gwen wanted Nate to push her. On some things he can actually push her, but he can't on the mower...yet.
So then, he had to try, not so successful.

If you happened to see the other post, I realized that I had 2 posts saved that I could edit and the one I picked didn't have all the pictures, so I deleted the first post and now there is just this one.


amyfruity said...

Haha! I love the picture of Nate trying to sit on the lawn mower....TOO CUTE! Cute onesie as well! The kids are growing so quickly! Miss you!

Melanie said...

its funny you should comment on this post, I totally think that in the close-up of Nate with the lawn mower he has an expression I have seen on Brian, what do you think? Miss you too!

amyfruity said...

Yeah....I agree....I looked at your latest posts and that's crazy that's he's crawling onto everything! Scary! Brian has figured out how to get up in the swivel computer desk chair and he crawls up onto the computer desk....So I've now removed all the pens/scissors, tape dispensers, staplers, box cutters, etc.....These kids sure do keep us on our toes!