Friday, October 09, 2009


As I have mentioned before we are working on the outside of the house, the backyard namely. We have moved some stuff, planted some stuff and are generally getting things together. I took Gwen out this morning to put some stuff on the plants and thought you would enjoy some pictures, of a Gwen-centric post following the Nate-centric post yesterday.
This first picture shows our backyard, so far, we now have those 2 little blueberry bushes on the left of the screen, the moved holly tree, the 2 moved crepe myrtle, the moved house now put on 12x12 squares, the trellis with the blackberry bush and of course Gwen singing and dancing around her house.
Seriously, Gwen has made up her own song, I can't remember exactly how it goes, but she repeats the same thing over and over...I tried to remember it, but I can't!

These rocks were pulled out of some of the places where the trees were, I decided to put them in the back so I could say things like don't go behind the rocks, kind of like a boundary. Gwen (and Nate) use them as a seat...bonus!
What I didn't notice is that Gwen was moving the rocks also, Eric carved this out so they could use the secret passageway, apparently Gwen felt differently!
We are planting around their little house. I hope to have pretty pictures this spring!
Gwen spent some time "fishing", this morning. She caught a blue fish, in case you were wondering.

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