Thursday, October 29, 2009


A couple nights ago, Eric and I snuck walked into the kids room, well really I did, and made Eric come in also. Holy moly did we get a laugh, our 2 kids, sleeping, snoring away! I have mentioned Gwen's new habit of carrying around a half a dozen babies with her, apparently this has spilled into her night time! She now sleeps with a half a dozen babies and assorted other things, I swear to you the rocking horse was up there for a couple days! I think I have realized why she is doing this...if she has all this junk on her bed Nate won't climb up there during the day. Now why after we put Nate in his crib she doesn't remove some of the objects, I don't know. Why also does she sleep in about 1 ft of space but when she would come into our bed she takes up the whole bed? Also, the kid needs a nap! Holy crab apples is she cranky. She doesn't listen to me, when I ask her to do something she takes about 3 hours to complete the task and I have to keep on her to complete it as she gets so distracted. I have mixed feelings about the nap, I would LOVE for her to take a nap, one that is not too long to mess up bed time, but one that is short enough to take the edge off, there appears to be no such thing! (I would also like to take a moment to apologize to my Mother for Sat mornings when I was a child, I fear that the old saying what goes around comes around and I will be in for many such Sat mornings that involve a distracted child who takes entirely too long to clean my room. I wish I could remember why I wouldn't do it, I could help focus Gwen, because let's face it we are more the same then we are different, but I digress!) This morning I took the kids out for a run jog/walk and Nate feel asleep in the stroller. I guess if he wouldn't have awakened at 5:52 he wouldn't have been so tired, I then put him down for a nap at 12:30ish and he slept until 3:30! Of course he was super cranky when he woke up also, Eric felt like he was still tired. I think he was hungry, but he won't eat what I make for dinner, won't try it, so hungry he'll be!
I have put the badge up for the November blogging, it should take you right to the site where you can sign up or maybe just look at some of the others who are participating.

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