Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trouble with a capital T...

I have mentioned that Nate is getting to be more and more trouble. He is in that stage where really he is just testing his limits. Not just the limits we are setting for him, but the limits of what he is capable of doing. To this end, I may have mentioned before he has learned to climb down he has learned to climb up. GRR! So the last couple weeks have involved NO! And, really Eric has come home several times to Nate standing on something and crying (because frankly by the time he gets home I am tired of the up down and whatever else that happens, plus I gotta make dinner!) So, here is Nate climbing on the box to play the piano, seriously, we have a bench and he can reach the keys from standing in front of the piano, but I guess he likes a challenge? Sadly, later the day, or maybe why this was so close to the piano was because the box was too close to the door and he was opening the door, because he wants to ALWAYS be outside.
Also, he has figured out how to climb onto tables, so he can fix the blinds for me!
Ok, but this is like a terrible safety hazard. (Hi Jamie!)
So you know I have started closing doors and am trying to get him to STOP going into the bathroom scaling the toilet and turn on the (HOT) water so he can play in it...and now he can open the doors. And time outs aren't really very effective, but I am still trying for all of our sanity's to get him to listen and not do things that are bad for his health, now if I could just get him to stop eating dirt, chalk, crayons and eat what I make for dinner!
But, he is so cute...
I put up this bowl and he stood at it and waved at it for 5 minutes...
it looked like a compulsive thing, like he couldn't help it, because the thing was waving at him, he HAD to wave at it, just bad manners not too! (notice Gwen dancing in the background) Hopefully we will make it through the rest of the toddler years without incident, or without a trip to the ER. But lets face it, I think with Nate it is more than when I visit the ER with Nate not if!

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