Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Well, not to disappoint but there is no 'action' but I have learned what the person who uses the term means when he says it. As I was meandering to the water cooler I happened upon the action asker (AA). The conversation went like this:
"any action?"-AA
"I wouldn't still be here if there was" -me
"well there could be action and you could still be allowed to work, like dilation" -AA
"I don't even have them check, there is no point until I go into labor to be concerned about dilation, I could be that way for months" -me
"no, you couldn't" -AA
"yes, I could be dilated for quite sometime before going into active labor" -me
"did I hear someone say dilation?" -another co-worker who is apparently concerned
"no, no dilation" -me
AH! This man has 2 kids, unfortunately they are my age, so he has forgotten all about the laboring process, much to my dismay! Of course I could be a big fat liar, but at this point I don't care. When I go into labor, these people will know, b/c Eric and I won't be at work. It is likely that one of us will be responsible enough to call in and say, we won't be coming in Melanie's in labor.
In more exciting news, Eric is obsessed with this race to win the Volvo...I probably need to help him get to the next level, he needs my help. Solving a problem always cheers me up! But now he is on the phone. :(
I also have a new favorite phrase: 'procrastination on a project by you, does not constitute an emergency on my part'. This is a paraphrase, because I can't remember the exact phrase, but this seems to happen a LOT at my workplace. People have these looming deadlines (that they have known about for quite sometime) but they don't get us peons involved until the last minute and then we are expected to perform a miracle and get everything done. I am not a miracle worker, well I guess for the time being I am, in my belly, but no where else. This is occurring with a project I have been trying to transfer to manufacturing. I have been working to transfer this project since Feb. This should have been an easy transfer. They already QC this product, simple, yes? NO! They apparently haven't had anything pass QC in a year. WHAT! Now I have to re-teach them everything and I am not sure they are listening. How can I help? And why, since I have been working on this since Feb is this an emergency know? Shouldn't it have been an emergency back then if you couldn't get stuff to pass, not when I could go into labor at any minute? Labor at any minute probably won't happen, I think our girl is applying for permanent resident alien status.


Amy F. said...

Dang it Melanie....I saw this post titled 'Action' and I got all excited....Of course if I was smart I would realize that once you do finally go into labor you won't be at work and you certainly won't be updating your blog site....haha...I won't find out until you're out of the hospital I'm sure....Unless your sweet dear husband sends out a quick email to everyone while you're still at the hospital....but I'm not expecting that.....It will probably be the last thing on his mind....I think I'll go ahead and make an email list for Morgan so he can do that on one of his 'run home and take a shower visits to the house'....
Aren't you going to be so excited when you can quit going to work for a while? Sounds like they don't (and will never have) all their ducks in a row....It will be nice for you not to have to worry about that.....
Well good luck....I hope your baby girl comes out soon.....You need to start making her uncomfortable....Jump up and down (hey...try a trampoline)...Then she'll be begging to come out....hehe....
Good luck! I've been thinking about you!

Mel said...

Hee...hee...hee...I knew that would get someone. I can do this blog from home, so it is possible that I might send out an email or update the blog when I am in the first stage of labor, not active labor...when hopefully the hubby will be running me to the hossy. I was just telling Eric this morning maybe I am not doing enough 'dancing' & singing which is probably why she is so comfortable! I am excited to say the MFR girl actually passed 1 of the 2 sets she tried!!!!! YAY! (progress is cool)