Monday, June 19, 2006


Cranky, it has been a word used to describe me lately. Eric and I discussed it this morning on the way home to meet the pest control man (who did show up today BTW!). At first, I said maybe me becoming cranky is like some people becoming uncomfortable, I am not really uncomfortable, just sometimes irritable/cranky. Then, as we discussed it more, I realized that my crankiness, has more to do with the fact that I am 38 weeks pregnant and people keep expecting me to be done with this already. One woman this weekend was kind enough to tell me on Friday that "you look like you are ready to pop". I wish that I could have come back with some witty comment like...well, I still can't think of one, but something like I should hope so I am due today! (even if it is not true, would that make the person feel bad?) I told Eric, you would be cranky too if people talked to you about the things I get to hear. One guy came in today and said "any action?" Now my first thought was not one that I could respond with so I just looked at Eric (isn't the "action" what got me into this predictiment to begin with, and does he really want to know if I have had any recently?) Apparently he meant with the baby coming out, if there was this kind of "action" then I wouldn't be sitting here looking at you, now would I? Then he said "we're getting anxious about this being over with?" UM HELLO! I am the still pregnant one, how the heck do you think I feel? MEN! This could be why I am cranky, people keep asking me about baby, due date, and oversharing, as I have said before I would prefer not to remember that my due date is 10 days away, day 11 when I am still pregnant is going to make me depressed. There is a part of me that would like my body back, but I would like her to be fully incubated when that day comes. I just hate not knowing when, how can I plan for that? I would like to try to keep my Zen attitude about this, but inquisitive minds make it so hard. I also could be a tad bit cranky because my father just died. I am not the type to go to the 'depths of despair' when bad things happen, I just become cranky and out of sorts, but I would suspect not many 'outsiders' remember that I have been through that stress, so they just interpret as pregnancy related cranky.
In more exciting news, we have gotten rid of 2 more tacky previous owner lighting fixtures. Now all we have left is to put up the new fan, this is going to require way more work, becuase the 'master splicer' that lived in the house before spliced the previous ugly fan in such a way as to become a fire hazard. Not such a good thing, so the husband will have to crawl into the attic to replace/rewire. Yesterday was close to 100, so attic probably too hot to crawl up into, but I suspect early in the morning the attic would be a nice (ok not really, really hot) so we might be waiting until this weekend, which is fine with me. I am just happy that we have gotten rid of all tacky '90s lighting fixtures. People can come to the house and I don't have to say, embarrassingly, we will be replacing THAT! You may be wondering, will I miss the fake marblized fan/chandelier or the hunter green lighting in the kitchen? I would have to say HECK NO, I will miss them about as much as I miss the black outdoor looking halogen lights...I look at our new lights and I think, YAY, no more tacky lighting. In 10 yrs when someone buys this house from us they will probably look at all of our lighting choices and think the same thing we do now, but at least we feel more at home.

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