Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Yesterday I was at the organic store, buying some better produce than I can get at the local grocery store. The organic store is always an experience, but yesterday was a little more unusual. When I got up to the cashier to pay there was this slightly crazy person in front of me, I think she was on something...I don't know what, but she was a little off. Finally I got to the front of the line, and the cashier, who apparently hadn't seen me up until now said "OH MY GOD! Does that hurt?" (I could only assume she meant my belly, but who knows, she seemed rather shocked by my appearance.) She then said "I mean is it uncomfortable to carry around all that weight in the front?" This seems like a bizarre question to me, but whatever, I smiled politely and said, "not really, you get used to it." I guess for some people the belly might all of a sudden become huge, but for me it has been a gradual thing. I mean really it is not like they surgically attached a watermelon to my body when I was sleeping...it might look like that, but truly that is not what happened. (She has apparently never seen someone who is due in less than a week, or maybe I have only gained weight in the 'baby area' so she was shocked by my protruding belly when I came around to where she could see it. Either way, quite funny how people react!)
We are still under flash-flooding warnings/watches, but to my knowledge our area, although we have gotten a ton of rain, has not flooded, like some of the lower surrounding counties. The MIL would like some of our rain; unfortunately, I can not ship it to her.

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