Saturday, June 24, 2006


Even though I think these pictures are from a bad angle, I will post them, for posterity, and so my loyal readers will get a good laugh. I am sure you need a good laugh! Maybe not the best picture of myself and the baby, but what do you think of this one?
I think these are pictures of us at 37 weeks. Hopefully, we will soon have some real pictures of myself and the baby, like where you could see her and I wouldn't have such a big belly. Fortunately today it was raining, so I didn't have to walk all 4 miles, but we did do some walking in the stores. Still no contractions.

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Amy F. said...

Mel...You look so cute!!! I think my tummy is bigger than yours which is totally unfair since I'm only in my 32nd week. :o(
I'm glad you put pictures up...I can't wait to see the baby!