Friday, June 16, 2006

Dr's update & more

And the update change! Actually I am not sure I really know, since again the Dr asked if I wanted to be checked, I mean if your going to ask, I am going to say no! (He seemed to have a slight cold and I had been waiting for the visit for over an hour, so I was a bit cranky!) We did have a nice little chat on how maybe I have made my belly too comfy (any suggestions on how to make it less comfy?) and that I should try to give her better incentives for coming to the outside. I have to say, all-in-all, I don't really mind staying pregnant, I just you know, want to make sure there is an end in sight. The Dr did say that if there is no change and no movement to the outside between my 39-40 week visit we can schedule for induction. I have mixed feelings about induction, Eric says, then you will have a definite end day. That is true, but once you start with the drugs for induction it seems to start a cycle of drugs, you know like when you 'break the seal'. Eric said at 39 1/2 weeks if I am still at no change we can start the old wives tales that get labor started. But, like I have said before, I want her to come when she is ready, just hurry up and get ready. Oddly enough she was on the opposite side than she usually is when we've listened to the heartbeat. I mean he found her on the left side when she is always on the right. How bizarre. I thought she was supposed to have less room to move around now. I guess not!
In other non-exciting news I decided on the Destination Dark Chocolate from MaggieMoo's I would also recommend that flavor! I did substitute pecans for the almonds. I guess I lived in the south too long. How can you beat dark chocolate, strawberries, pecans and fudge? YUM! I can't decide which I prefer, they are both so yummy. How will I vote and register for my free iPOD?
I think that my neighbors might have moved out! (The U-haul in the driveway, might have given it away) We had some neighbors that were renting the furnished TH next to us and they have been there for over a year. She had told me they were waiting for their house in NC to sell and her hubby was staying there while she and the daughter were here. They truly weren't any problem, but it will be nice since the baby's room is on that side of the house to hopefully not disturb anyone not staying in our house when she is crying. I am not sure I could handle living apart from Eric with our child for more than a year. But, I guess you do what you have to, which reminds me, I am going to find some spicy foods to eat this weekend. I have heard that pineapple also works.

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Amy F. said...

Mel...MaggieMoo's sounds so YUMMY!!! Still no change....I find it odd that your doctor gives you the choice of whether you want to be checked or not...hmmm....weird.....

I'm a little worried about the baby crying at night too....I hope he doesn't keep the neighborhood up every night.....

I have to raise this baby by myself for 6 months....You're not giving me much hope...haha...I hope I can do this!

I'm so happy you've been posting the past couple of days.....You give me some exciting news to look forward to.... :o)