Friday, June 30, 2006

Dr's update

Yes, we successfully made it through another Dr's appointment. Fortunately, they called me back when they did, because I had given them 10 more minutes before I was leaving. I think it is safe to say I inherited my father's impatience for waiting at Dr's offices. I mean, don't you think waiting for an appointment for 45 minutes is quite ridiculous...esp when you are only in there for 5 minutes! ARG! We have had some random progress...TMI alert, the loosing of the mucus plug, but still not much in the way of contractions or dilation. I am 'open and soft', i.e. no real progress. We have another appointment scheduled for next Wed, but we (dr included) are all hoping that she makes her appearance sometime this long weekend. But truly, when has the baby ever done anything I've wanted her to do! So we will be doing a lot of walking, drinking tea, eating spicy foods and probably one more thing that I won't mention out of respect for my Mom!
Yesterday was a pretty nice day. The co-workers threw me a surprise ice cream 'shower'. They gave me a very generous American Express gift card, with the express intent that I use it on myself. I knew we were going for ice cream, and they yelled surprise, with the hope that it would start labor, but no luck! My co-worker & wife also gave us a little bib & hat that say 'little firecracker'. So cute, but I am not convinced that she will be here before the 4th. But, as they said, she doesn't have to be born on the 4th to be a firecracker. At this point, I would have to agree!


Liesa said...

Okay - watch what other methods of inducing labor you try. I have a good 'friend' who may have tried the same thing and thought she was in labor, only to be greatly embarrassed and sent home.

I keep checking this site to make sure Baby U hasn't made her grand arrival. And today is momentous, you can totally freak people out by saying, Yeah, I'm due today. People looked at me like the baby was going to fall out at any minute.

Amy F. said...

Hmmm....Well enjoy the tea, spicy food, walks, and well you know... ;o) As enjoyable as that is in your condition...hehe....
July is a good month to be born in....She's just waiting for it to get here and then she'll decide to come out.... :o) I predict she'll be born on the 3rd....
That was really nice of your co-workers! That would be lovely to go shopping for non-pregnancy clothes!
Well I'm looking forward to hearing more news!
I hope she decides to come soon!
Amy :o)

Mel said...

Liesa, you crack me up! Took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about. I spoke to the doula today and she gave us the suggestions that they say not to do after 32 weeks or you will go into early labor. But after due date ok to do!
July 3rd...don't think I don't remember that is your annivesary! I am certainly not holding out until your birthday!
I'll try to keep you updated this weekend, we fortunately have Monday off!