Monday, June 26, 2006


A bad line of thunderstorms have blown through the area. Yesterday I was on the phone and the storm was starting. All of a sudden I noticed lightening and heard it as static in the phone. I told my girlfriend, I had to go. She (being from FL) understood and got off the phone. As I proceded to cook dinner and watch the thunderstorm I heard sirens enter our neighborhood, not an unusual occurance for our neighborhood. Then I saw a helicopter, a lot closer than I expected. It flew over the house, and the whole place shook. Then I saw it land in the Weis parking lot across the street. Pretty exciting. The question was (we live pretty close to the airport) did it get caught in the storm and was forced down, or was it related to the sirens? It did not look like a hospital helicopter, more like a police helicopter. It left during the storm, after most of the thunder had subsided, but it was all very exciting.
Still no movements toward the outside from the girl. The fire alarm went off at work today and she wasn't the least bit phased. Crazy kid, doesn't she know that everyone is anxious to meet her...maybe she does and she is a bit of a drama queen and is going to make a grand who would you suppose she would get that from?

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