Thursday, June 15, 2006


Last night I left work early to meet the pest control man. I was at home, doing some cleaning until a friend called. I noticed the pest control man outside, but didn't go out to meet him because he was doing the outdoor spraying, and I was on the phone. When I got off the phone I found the receipt that said please be home next time. WHAT! I was home! I called the pest control company, immediately and said why didn't he ring the door bell or what not. She didn't know apologized and we had to set up a new appointment! When we got into work this morning, he called the husband's work number twice and said he rang the door bell. I never heard it. How frustrating!
Work is a bit slow today. The bosses are out of the office as usual. We peons decided that when our boss was out of the office for the days we have lab meetings we would have an off-site lab meeting. In the winter, we would get coffee (decaf for me or hot chocolate), but now that summer is here we get ice cream! YUM! This new place just opened up it is called MaggieMoo's kind of like a Cold Stone, where they have flavors of ice cream and you get to pick toppings they mix in for you. Pretty good, last week I had Strawberry Skydive very yummy! I am going to try a new Fresh Escape this week, but it will be hard to top the Strawberry Skydive, strawberries, oreos and fudge, oh my! That is like a dream combo to me.
Another exciting Dr's appointment tomorrow. I can already tell there has been no change. We are scheduled to go to lunch with one of friends from AL tomorrow. He is up visiting the family, so nice of him to include us in his trip! It will be so nice to see him. One of the benefits of being near DC is that people often travel up here and they stop in to see us. So cool! Now, if I could just get him to come before 12:45! I am going to be STARVING by then.


Beth Williams said...

You know it is only 92 dregrees and humid down here in AL.......We need a Molly Moo's....The ice cream looks WONDERFUL! (hahaha) Enjoy.

Keep us posted on the Doc.'s visit!!


Mel said...

Beth, it is supposed to get to 100 here this weekend. We have had the air off at home, but I suspect we will be turing it back on tonight/tomorrow! Some people might say it is humid up here, but I haven't noticed!

Amy F. said...

Uhh....Mel....Sorry about talking to you the other night.....I do remember telling you that you should go outside....but that might have been after you realized his truck wasn't there anymore...haha... ;o) Sorry about that! I didn't hear the doorbell ring either.....Very irritating....Especially since you left work early specifically for the pest man.... :o(