Thursday, June 08, 2006


Tomorrow I will be the scary phrase...full-term. This means that labor could start anytime in the next 3 weeks and they wouldn't stop it. I guess that means that any day now I could be holding my little girl after several hours of pain. Should be a rather interesting experience. I have been relatively lucky with this pregnancy. Random strangers do not walk up to me and touch my belly, only random friends and family. I don't mind that. Random strangers are starting to ask me when I am due, most are shocked when I say June 30th. Since pregnant bellies appear to be a subjective thing, I am not sure if they are shocked that I am huge, or shocked that I am tiny. I think that the men think I am huge, women think I am tiny. I don't feel huge, all the time, and I am truly not that uncomfortable. I also have been lucky that either people are telling me their labor horror stories, or I am forgetting them, I don't which, but either way it is nice. There are some days I walk slower than you can pour out molasses, but I think that is out of laziness and not because I have to. I could walk faster, but what is the point I need to move around every hour, might as well mosey, truly where do I need to be. Tomorrow is also our next lovely Dr's appointment. I really liked those when it was weigh, pee, listen, but now that it is weigh, pee, listen, explore, not so much fun. Last week I was told I was starting to thin and dilate, but that process can take weeks to actually happen. In some ways I wouldn't mind if labor happened soon, but I still don't feel prepared. But, with your first child, are you ever really?


Amy F. said...

It's amazing what people will say...Complete strangers will say anything. I can't tell you how many people have asked if I was having twins when they find out I still have almost 12 weeks before my due date. So many people have said 'Wow...You look like you're ready to pop'...I just want to kill these people! I bet you're adorable Mel...You need to post a current picture.
Amy :o)

Mel said...

I am waiting for the baby to come to post a picture. Then maybe I can squeze the both of us in...or maybe I am just lazy. The other day a little boy was heard saying about me "Mom, she has a baby in her belly, and she doesn't look fat!" Made my whole weekend...probably my whole month! My male co-workers have also been telling me I look like I am ready to pop, like 2 months ago. Out of spite, I said I have a long way to go. MEN!

Amy F. said...