Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another day down

So, on an exciting note, one of my 2 readers has asked me to update my blog!!! Pretty exciting. I am glad to know that someone reads this, especially since I was feeling so blah about updating. Well my friend, you have given me new excitement to update you on my blah life!
Went to the Dr last Friday. After meeting with the doula Thursday night I had a new appreciation for the term 'false hope'. During the last month of Dr's visits they like to check you, invasively. They look for what they call 'progress'. When you take your childbirth classes you learn that you probably won't have any 'progress' until you are in labor, so why do they check give you false hope. This is exactly what I had after our Dr's appointment 2 weeks ago. I knew the dilation was nothing to fret over, maybe 1 cm, but what does your thinning out mean? Does that mean I could give birth any day? Apparently not, cause here I am 10 days latter with a baby in my belly, who has not dropped. So, how does all this relate to Friday's appointment? The Dr asked how I was doing, I said 'there has been no change, she is still rather high, I am not uncomfortable yet.' This is when he said what endear me to him as one of my favorite Dr's...'would you like me to check you?' I said NO! (I might have been a little overly excited about the fact that I even had the option!) Why have him give me false hope!? So we listened to our baby's rather fine heartbeat and went about our day. I our next appointment this Friday is with the same Dr...will I possibly have the option not to be checked, I don't know, but it is exciting to think I might not have to be.
In other exciting news, we have packed the bag. The hubby's clothes for the hossy are sitting on top of the bag, but I imagine we will have time to plop those into the bag before we leave. As soon as I start to feel the first signs of pattern contractions, I am heading home (if I am not already at home)...I am hoping to finish the last minute packing stuff and then lay in the bed or watch a movie and hopefully relax and take it easy before we have to head on to the hossy. I know I will be SUPER excited to get the whole process over with, but I don't want to head to the hossy to early. When we were at the hospital before my Dad died, I saw all these super pregnant women wandering around trying to get labor started, they didn't seem to be having contractions, just wandering in their hospital gowns. I think I would be so bored and want to go home! Oh well, you never know what is going to happen. I had wanted the baby to hold out for at least another week, but now I think there is some work stuff coming up that I want to avoid so I have changed my tune, now I want her to come next week! I know she will come when she is good and ready, but when will that be? I was talking to my Aunt over the weekend and I told her that I am just going to shoot for the week after my due date. That way when she comes late I won't be as depressed when she is late and it would be a super nice surprise if she is early. So technically I have like 17 days left, but I am going to say to myself 24 days. I hope that when I get to day 24 the Dr talks to me about inducing, or I will be really depressed!
I must stop procrastinating and get back to the computer work the boss has set me on. I should probably try to finish that soon. I do have to say it was kind of fun for the geek in me to find out that sometimes the CDC will test products and if they don't work or there is a recall they will publish a whole paper on it. Makes me feel bad for the makers of that product, but it is nice to see that some products on the market that we know suck, do get negative press. Hopefully that doesn't happen with any of our products!

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Amy F. said...

False hope.....I get what you're saying.....Lucky you for having a choice as to whether you were poked and prodded.....I think it's best to expect the worse (or in this case a week after your due date) and be pleasantly surprised with an early arrival of your baby girl! :o) That way you're not disappointed either way. I'll be interested to hear how your doctor's appointment goes on Friday! It sounds like a good plan to stay at home in the comfort of your own bed until the contractions progress enough to head to the hospital...I've seen those women too....wandering the hallways....Looking tired, bored, and a bit ready to get the entire thing over with....
I just can't imagine the wonderful feeling you'll finally have when you are holding your new baby girl in your arms....I can't wait to see pictures!