Friday, June 23, 2006

Dr's update WK39!!!!

Came back from the doctor with no new news on baby's trip to the outside. Still thinning, no word of dilation, nothing. So, he scheduled the induction date. July 6th! I was hoping for earlier, then we found out who is on call that day (the c-section expert) so I started drinking Red Raspberry Tea...ICK! But we want this baby out before the induction day, so I will do what I can. Eric has now prescribed 4 mile walks every day and we are starting all the rest of the wives tales. I don't know about you, but I am really tired of being at work! Yesterday as I was going to sit in a chair and the boss said 'is that chair going to hold you?' Excuse me!? I guess he doesn't value his life. We have also scheduled a 'back-up' to pick up my Mom from the airport, who comes in on the 8th, in case Eric can't make it to pick her up. So, I guess we are ready now; there is an end in sight. I think the doctor also stripped my membranes when he was action yet though. We are still in wait and see until the 6th.

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