Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 months

As mentioned previously and seen on the ticker, Nathan is 2 months old! Nathan is doing very well physically. He can hold his head very well but he can still get you with the "Stevie Wonder" head if you are not careful!
The Dr said that next month Nate should start reaching out and grabbing objects like mobiles. Nate has already started interacting his mobiles he talks to them as you can see in the previous picture. Nate is pretty regularly sleeping a 6 hour block. That is pretty nice and if the darn Olympics weren't on, I would be going to bed much sooner!
Nate has found his hand and seems to enjoy trying to eat it.
As I have said previously he smiles and laughs at us. I have stuffed him into his coming home from the hospital outfit. I don't actually think it is too tight, but I am pretty sure he will not be wearing it again, that is the last of his newborn stuff. He is also out of his 0-3 sleepers.
Our little man is growing and most times he looks like a little man, but sometimes he has the old man look about him!

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