Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blah, blah, blah

Hello all! How are things by you? Today is a good day (so far) here in the household. Mostly because a new trend has started around here, Nate is sleeping in his crib, during the day...can you believe it!? I certainly can't. I know that we weren't remotely at this stage with Gwen when she was this age. I have noticed the last couple weekends he has not been as fond of the swing sleeping and during the week he loses interest about mid-week, where some times he will sleep sometimes he won't. Nate is not even remotely on a schedule during the day but I think he sleeps a lot and I wonder if it is because he spends so much time swing sleeping or sleeping during exercise class, my Mom says that sleeping on the move isn't as restful as stationary sleeping, and I agree.
Nate is getting very strong and enjoys his Tummy time as you can see from the following pictures.

After he was done with his Tummy time I tried to sit him up using the nursing pillow but he would not have that at all! I don't know why, so it seems the only pictures you will get of Nate will be like this, hope you don't get bored!

Yesterday, Gwen pee-peed in the potty. Unfortunately my husband did not notice, but I did and we made a fuss over it! Hopefully one day this will be repeated. She seems to have taken an interest in sitting on the adult toilet after I pee (gosh aren't you glad we are talking about the potty now, I am sure you enjoy all of these posts! But at least with this post-pregnancy posts I don't have to talk about my breasts! Which BTW did I mention Eric has taught Gwen to say "Nate eat Mommy's boobies"? GREAT that isn't going to embarrass me in public one day! He thinks its funny and I haven't figured out how I am going to get him back for that, any suggestions?) Maybe I will start to get serious about this potty training, maybe. Also this weekend, Nate started laughing so hard, it was hilarious. Gwen got him laughing which caused us to laugh which made Gwen and then Nate laugh harder, it was a vicious, yet hilarious experience we want to get on video. I have heard baby #2 can be enthralled by baby #1, but we had yet to experience it.

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