Sunday, August 31, 2008

Alive and well, thank you very much

That sounded sarcastic, but I didn't mean it to. We are successfully in FL, no major problems, concerns or craziness...well no more craziness than usual! I mean by know you must know that all though we don't have much drama in our family, I think there is always a certain base of craziness that everyday starts off with, that might be because we have 2 kids under 3 or because I live for crazy.
Gwen & Nate were both great on the airplane. Gwen was not happy about the seatbelt, it is as if the seatbelt had some acid on it that was burning her skin (it didn't) But, through food bribery we were able to get her to sit and stop crying! Gwen stayed in our row the entire time and didn't require us to walk her up and down the aisle like the last flights we were on. Nate slept! I nursed him during departure, he slept on my lap and woke briefly just before landing, we took some pictures and I nursed him again.

We made it through staying in a hotel with 2 kids. Pictures of us at the pool might make it to the blog sometime in the near future. We made it to the wedding, reception (Hi Alicia & Andrew!) and my great Ant (it is a long story, but that typo is intentional!) & Uncle's 60th Anniversary party (pictures and all of those things forth coming, sometime) and despite the late hours of both of those functions my children have survived remarkably well (I have too, if you were curious!) Gwen has been a little strung out but she did sleep in, a miracle! She has also done remarkably well meeting many new people and has spoken to some of them. Of course this could be because she is strung out and is just trying to keep herself awake, but whatever! Mom has been watching the kids at night so we could go down to the bar by ourselves and hang out...AWESOME! We also made it through the outer bands of Gustav, for us it has been windy and rainy and we were under a tornado warning, but not anything as terrible as what is most likely coming for people in the path. Good luck! You are in our thoughts, take cover!

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Jamie McG said...

Glad to hear everything is going okay and that you all made it through the flight unscathed!