Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy week

We have been a little crazed around here this week. Not for anything that is out of the ordinary. Nate is having issues sleeping, which is cutting into my schedule. I just don't understand why he will sleep perfectly happily in the crib at night, but during the day he refuses. I think I figured out why he wasn't sleeping in the swing like he had been. We will see. We are down to less than a week to our big flight to FL. I guess I should start preparing. I am completely unprepared, I will probably be running around here like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to prepare around Wed night.
Last week I tried to get pictures of the kids made together, well it was an abysmal failure. So, we tried again today. This time we went to a women's house (instead of the conglomerate Sears) I haven't seen the pictures yet, but I think the calmer atmosphere might just be a lot easier, and the fact that we apparently had a newbie, that had no clue at Sears! Gwen is definitely a hard sell, the photographer assured me that Gwen's behavior is typical for a 2 year. The exact same thing the hygienist told me. I wonder if I exude the attitude of some one who thinks her child is adding inappropriately for her age.
In other news I tried to take my own pictures of the kids together. I am not sure it went well. How am I supposed to get them both happy and looking at the camera and snap the picture AND not have Nate crushed by Gwen's over zealousness.

(By the way she is explaining to me that "Baby Nate in there")

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