Friday, August 01, 2008

My peeps

These are my favorite pictures. Eric tends to stay up late and then come home from work and want to nap. Sometimes it works out for him that I already have a quilt laying out and he can just sleep. Isn't Gwen so sweet! You've got to watch her though, she tried to lay down while holding Nate, that doesn't work out so well obviously!

I still can't figure out Nate. Yesterday he slept all day (in the swing), the day before not so much. Last night he only got up twice. Why won't he sleep in his crib during the day? These are all things that might drive me nuts before we are able to get him on a schedule. He just has such a difficult time getting himself to stay asleep. I can get him to sleep in about 5 minutes, Eric says it takes 20 to get him to deep sleep where you could put him down...I don't have that kind of time during the day, you know I have a 2 yr old that needs attention. Of course, by the time I figure this out we will have the next issue to work out. Have I mentioned that Gwen is getting in at least 2 more molars...we haven't had enough light and desire to stick our fingers in her mouth to find out if the top teeth are in.

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Maddie makes 4 said...

Hi Mel
I had to laugh when I read "I cant figure out Nate" the reason I find that so funny is when my kids were smaller (not that they are so big now but.. anyway) as soon as I thought I figured them out they switched it all up!!
Love seeing the pics... Nathan is adorable and well Miss Gwen is the spitting image of her mother!
See ya soon Jen