Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today we went to the dentist and it went surprisingly well. Gwen refused to sit down or lay down, but I sat right next to her in the chair, while she stood and she couldn't have been better. She let them put their fingers in her mouth and look at her teeth, brush, floss and even got fluoride. I think it was the chocolate flavored toothpaste that they told her she could have, well, I guess it wasn't toothpaste, but that stuff they shine up your teeth with. So, no cavities, good spacing and an all around good patient! She was really cute, the women was talking and Gwen didn't seem to want to get her teeth cleaned and she said toothbrush and the women thought she meant the tooth brush she could take home, but I said no I think she wants you to use the "toothbrush tickler" as the hygienist called it and I was right, she did, the hygienist asked her and they cleaned her up real nice! You know, my kid didn't want to miss out on the chocolate!

Gwen has been better at eating food lately, have I mentioned that, today for lunch she ate the noodles and skipped the chicken. I think she has a preference for wheat noodles they have a little more texture, I am ok with eating whole wheat noodles, more fiber is good! She has also started eating white cheeses, she started out eating Parmesan cheese off the block the other day, now she has had Asiago and Provolone.
On to the pictures! I took these this weekend. For some reason when Gwen decides to pee on the potty she must be butt naked! Not a stitch of clothes on her. She has once accidentally pee-peed in the potty but not since then. We will be trying the cloth training pants to see if that will help. I think we will wait until after vacation! For some reason Gwen decided she needs the door closed, she won't let me pee with the door closed, but it must be closed for her, go figure, a double standard.

I think the nakedness preference means I might want to potty train in the summer because I would imagine I don't want her running around naked in the winter. I still don't know if I am committed and patient enough for this, but I guess it doesn't hurt to see if she is ready, and if she is not we will try again later. Who knows she might surprise me again and want to be diaper free! (but I am not getting my hopes up!)

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