Monday, August 04, 2008

A good day!

We had a pretty nice weekend around here, not much thrilling to tell other people about, but we spent time together and had a good time. Nate wasn't particularly easy, he doesn't seem to nap well, have I mentioned that before? Maybe I have. He did reward me with sleeping from 8p-5am! I had to wake him to go to exercise and he slept through that also. He slept the rest of the day in 3 hour blocks waking to nurse and then going down to sleep, he woke at 2:30 and then I played with him a little-some tummy time and some talking...he smiled and giggled laughed at me! Then he slept peacefully in the swing until 5ish and he was pretty much up the rest of the evening. I am sure tonight is not going to be as pleasant, but dude he giggled laughed. So it seems we are destined to have no nap days followed by nap all-days until I can get him on a schedule. I have read that by about 3 months they naturally get on a schedule, we will see! This nap day meant that I could clean the bathrooms and vacuum and do laundry! A banner day indeed, all uninterrupted by sleeping Nate and for most of it sleeping Gwen. AND I got a shower and made dinner AND had a couple minutes to myself! Did anyone note this day on a calendar, because when I have a really terrible day, I need you to reference today...can you do that for me?
Since I really can't seem to get my act together with the posting of the pictures, I give you a bunch of pictures of Nate. Some bath pictures. Ok, never mind I'll post those later, seems there was a server error and I think the Hubby is going to need to computer to study. I'll try to post all those pictures tomorrow.

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