Monday, August 11, 2008

25 months

Yesterday my big girl turned 25 months old! Oh my. Ok, so it is not that big of a deal, but since she has started really talking it seems like she is learning and advancing so quickly!
Coincidentally, yesterday she was driving me batty, so I couldn't write this then. Eric was installing a ceiling fan in her room and so I had double kid duty and I was quite beside myself by dinner time! But that is another issue for another post. Gwen is quite humorous as I have mentioned before, I wonder how she could learn so much so quickly. She can count to 10, don't know if she knows what it means, but she can do it in order. She can also do it out of order, but at least we know she can do it. When I started counting past 10 she kind of looked shocked that there were more numbers, but I am sure before long she will be repeating them also!
Gwen loves books and reading. We could read to her all day and she would be happy, she also loves to sing songs. Grandmom sent her a book for her birthday that is Elmo piano and she loves it, she often says "Mommy song" which translates to please sing us a song. We are not at the phase though where she can sing parts of songs and she is often wandering around singing "ding ding dong" from the Elmo book, translation "Are you sleeping?"
Gwen is becoming a little less weary of people some people still scare her, and she might not talk to them, but she has started talking to Eric and I when other people are around. She used to just clam up, but now she will talk and I am glad about that! She is forever telling about different people in my exercise group she definitely still has her favorite people and it is funny to hear her say different names. The way she pronounces things really makes me think about how I accent syllables because she usually adds extra emphasis. I try to clearly enunciate but sometimes that backfires into some pretty hilarious pronunciations.
We still have not seen much jealousy with Gwen and Nate. She hasn't really acted out against him but she is often a lot rougher than she should be. I don't think she knows her own strength and I certainly don't think she understands what fragile means! But she is super helpful (when she wants to be) and she is starting to get Nate's routine down. She knows when his bath is and will take the pink bathtub out from under the sink for me when it is bath time and I don't even have to ask! She still likes to help with the dishes and with the laundry.
And for the first time this month she tried to feed her baby doll like "Mommy feeds baby Nate". Gwen has started to really take an interest in feeding and doing different things for her baby dolls and mimicking what we do for Nate. Too cute. It is hard to believe that Gwen is getting so old, but it is even harder to believe that Eric and I were able to have uninterrupted conversations and I am beginning to wonder if Nate will be able to talk because I am not sure Gwen will let him get a word in edgewise.

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