Friday, November 24, 2006

2 things I never wanted to learn...

but had to as a Mother. How to use the:
1) the rectal temperature
2) the nose bulb
Yes, Gwen has her first cold and fever. Last night she did not sleep well and I noticed she was congested. Then at about 4-5am she started with a fever, only 100.8. This morning I called the Dr and we went in for our first sick baby visit. She is acting pretty normal, just is rather warm and you seriously don't want to be near her when she sneezes. The Dr said just monitor her, if I feel she needs to come back in they will be open this weekend. We are to try to keep her as fluid filled as possible and use humidifer and/or steamy bathrooms to help with the congestion. Unfortunately we don't have a humidifer, but we will soon! Our house is very dry in the winter. Hope you have a great weekend. Poor thing, I feel terrible for her to be chasing her around with a tissue (fortunately she isn't mobile!)

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