Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Crawling and other news

Yesterday I wanted to post about Gwen's gearing up but she woke up before I could get anything written. She totally sleeps on her belly now, I don't know if that is her preference or if it has some thing to do with the fact she now rolls onto her belly everytime she is on her back. It is a fun thing for me, I put her on her back just to watch her roll over, a fun new game! Although it is causing some problems during diaper changes...she doesn't yet understand that she has to stay on her back for a bit longer so Mommy can change her.

Today has been a busy day for us, I weighed in, we went to the library and we went for a walk. We also played and giggled and are down for our second nap. Gwen takes 2-3 45 minute naps. I no longer time the amount she cries, so I don't really know. I am trying to decide if I should try and encourage her to sleep for longer by feeding her and/or comforting her for a couple minutes and encouraging her to sleep longer. I don't really know. Today we made the library, they have a 'reading' for babies section, 0-12mon. Not a lot of reading is done but there are 15 baby/parent pairs (all women, but 1 was a grandma) allowed/session. I didn't count how many were there today. We sang songs with the babies and read a book together. I enjoyed it, don't know if Gwen did, but she didn't cry or fuss, so that has to be a good sign. She seemed to watch either the woman incharge of the session or the woman signing, I don't know which. It seemed like a fast 45 minutes, but I guess that is what happens when you are having fun.
These are pictures of Gwen from this weekend. I don't know what the steps are to get start crawling, but I feel like she might be getting closer. She pushes up her butt and she pushes up on her hands. She just can't get any traction or I think she might actually move. As usual I couldn't get any pictures with Gwen pushing up with her arms. I do know she is getting better at sitting. I showed Eric yesterday and he was impressed. She sits now for several minutes without leaning. I will try to get a picture of that soon, but it is a 2 person job!

This weekend our friends Josh & Jacqueline were in town. We watched the AU-UA game. Jacqueline is a huge Bama fan, so it is fun to watch with them. The fun thing about it is Jacqueline & I are the intense fans and the guys could care less, well I guess they do care, but not with the same intensity that Jacqueline & I have. We tried are darnest to get Gwen not to watch the game, but she is mesmorized by the TV, which is why she isn't allowed to watch it. Mr. Starfish didn't hold her interest at all, she just wanted to see the action on the TV screen! Gwen has a short attention span, which is normal for babies, but I think the addiction to the TV screen (when it is on) is not something I want her to have, so I don't typically watch TV when she is awake. (this is why I haven't kept up with AU as I should and don't keep up with the pros at all).

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