Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Update & pictures

So I thought I would upload some pictures for you since it has been several days since you have seen any pictures, but first I am going through the boring sleep stuff. Today, we took 2 naps, only because I laid down next to her to let her sleep. The afternoon nap I tried to lay her down in the crib, but she cried again for a long time. If she is going to sleep on her own, she seems to need about 40min to cry it out. I was hoping that her time crying would decrease tonight, but she had fallen asleep in my arms, she was still non-nutritively sucking, I pulled her off and she immediately woke up and started crying. UGH! I don't know what to do about the naps, I think she needs to sleep in the cribs for her naps, but I am not as anxious about her having to lay down with her, because I know that in the evening she will go to sleep early. I still would like her to get to sleep in the crib though and without as much fuss. Today she was a much improved baby from the last couple of days. She wasn't so zoned all day and she was very chatty. We went shopping and she chatted in the car the whole way home.
Without further ado...picture time! This is the scene I happened upon the other day. Gwen enjoys spending time on her tummy. She doesn't roll over immediately and she lasts longer then the 5 minutes she used to last before crying.

The following picture shows proof that Gwen does actually sleep in her crib at night. Here she is in her 'sleep sack'. If you need to talk to me the next couple of days, you will probably find me sitting at the computer staring at this picture while I listen to her cry.
Tonight Eric and I did our civic duty and voted. I had half a mind not to vote, I am quite tired of getting the phone calls, so much so I hung up on 'Barbara' whoever she was, she didn't give me her last name and she might have actually been a real person and not a recording. Sorry Barbara, but I had already voted so I didn't need your reminder. Eric came home early today so as to avoid the lines at our polling station. We walked over to the elementary school, in the drizzle and voted. I carried Gwen, who was fixated on the electronic screen, which reminded me of when I was little I would go with my parents when they voted. My Mom says that I would go in with both my parents while they voted and one time I informed my Dad that that is not who my Mom voted for. So much for privacy.
Since Gwen was so interested in the process, she somehow received a sticker. :) By the way she is so funny when I pull out the camera she smiles, but usually after the camera flashes.
If you would like to see some pictures of Gwen at Brian & Reyna's shower please click the link to the left that says Riley Anne.

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Amy said...

Oh my gosh Mel....Those pictures of Gwen and Eric on the floor are PRECIOUS!!!! :o) I can't wait for Morgan to get home so he can spend some time with Brian. Good for you for voting....I must confess that I didn't do the absentee voting....UGH...I'm such a bad American!! I kept telling myself to do it but never did....Yes I know..I'm ashamed!

Brian had a bad napping day yesterday but last night he was so exhausted he slept from 7pm to 6:30am and only got up once around 1am.....I was so thrilled!!!

Gwen is such a cutie! Keep the pictures coming! Miss you!