Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rolling over

I want to start out saying WAR EAGLE!!! Ok, but seriously, while I think it is great Gwen is rolling over, it is not great because she wakes up and is in the corner of the crib on her stomach and it irritates her so she starts crying, (sometimes with limbs hanging out of the crib). This requires one of us to move her back because she apparently can't roll over on her own. She has already woken up twice since we put her down at 6p and it is not even 10p. I hope this trend does not continue all night! If it does we are in for not much sleep. How long will this phase last?


Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie,
I just wanted to write and give you those Sign Language websites I was talking about at Granpda's.
These are pretty good sites, but they do require Quicktime.
Hope they help!!
- Megan

Mom said...

Thanks Megan! I knew you would get my message. The aslpro website is very helpful, I like that the baby signs section is easy to find!