Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dr.'s appt

Today's Dr appointment is over. The verdict is:
15lb 8 oz (75-90%)
25 in (75%)
The nurse practitioner said that she is acting like a 6mon old, she wouldn't be surprised if Gwen will be crawling by the next visit! AH! Mommy needs some safety equipment! Since we will be seeing both Grandmas before the next visit, we will see if you will see out little tyke crawling. The nurse also recommended Eric & I get flu shots, since Gwen is too young...ick!
So Liesa was closest in the weight department (with a guess of 15lbs)
Ellen & AhMa had the height correct!
I forgot to mention yesterday when I went to get her in her crib after her nap she had gone perpendicular from how I put her in and she was on her tummy, she wasn't upset either, she was just cooing and looking around.

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The Burke Family Blog said...

WOO-HOO - I think this might be the first contest I've ever won!