Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday sleep update

Today was a terrible day for naps. Gwen fell asleep at Church in the sling, after that, could not really get her to nap at ALL! Even when I laid down with her. As it was yesterday, she was pretty much in a daze. Today, I again put her down to sleep at 6, after 1.5hrs she was asleep. Hopefully she will sleep 'through the night', Dr's definition, a 5+ hour stretch. I hope it will be 2 5hour stretches. Tonight I put her to sleep in her 'sleep sack', her room is not as warm as we would like. Yesterday, Eric and I hung out, tonight Eric and I have hung out a little, but I am also cleaning and picking up the house! YEAH! It feels like I should be going to bed, like it has been night for a long time, with the blasted daylight savings times and putting Gwen to sleep so early, I feel like its midnight (it is only 9p!) I will hopefully going to bed early. I have to say, I do not enjoy being awaken by Gwen crying, I much prefer the other, but then I probably get more sound sleep not having her in the room, I guess it is 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other, yes? We can only hope that some time in the near future Gwen will go down to sleep without so much crying. Bless her heart, it breaks my heart to leave her in her room, when I put her down to sleep, she is quite charming, my theory is because she wants to stay up later, she is cooing and smiling, distracted by things in her room instead of settling down. Stayed tuned for tomorrow's exciting sleep update.

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