Saturday, November 05, 2011

Aunt Kiki, visit 2

I called it visit 2, not to confuse it with last year's visit. This year we decided to try a different Cracker Barrel for lunch. It was pretty nice, a little closer for us this time. We had a nice lunch and the kids were well behaved. It is always nice to see Kiki and talk with her in person. You get better information, like I had no idea she'd been dating someone and is now engaged (as of this writing, not as of the visit). We are very excited for Kiki and her fiancee. Guess next year's visit will include him! I was pretty excited to see Kiki, because she was the last godparent we had to see, for the kids to see their godparents this year. Afterwards, Kiki brought out some little gifts for the kids. Don't be mislead by Gwen's face, she really liked the shrinky-dinks...she might have been distracted by the big lollypop Daddy got her, he is such a sucker! (haha, get it?)
Nate of course is such a vocal kid, he tells you exactly how much he loves everything Kiki had in there
We tried to get the group shots. This isn't the best of Gwen, but the good one of the kids, Kiki has her eyes closed, I didn't post that one.
This picture of Nate makes me laugh...what expressions that kid has!
It was a nice visit. This is another reason I am glad we are where we are, so convenient to the godmothers!

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